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One of the highlights of the Chinese New Year event is the amazing Lion dance. Its background returns to the Han Empire 180 – 230 CE in ancient China. The Chinese have constantly viewed the dragon as being sacred as well as possessing power, courage, sanctity, dignity, fertility, wisdom, as well as auspiciousness. New Year celebrations commemorate the beginning of the planting season in China. The dragon stands for rain and also good luck, components vital for the farming plants. This mythological beast takes the physical kind of numerous animals; it has the horns of a stag, the ears of a bull, the eyes of a bunny, the claws of a tiger, as well as the scales of a fish distributed along the body of a long snake. It was thought these combined attributes enabled the animal to walk on land, fly through the paradises, as well as swim with the waters. These powers give the dragon the authority to rule the clouds and to manage the rain.

Scholarship Awards from Lion Dance Singapore

TheĀ Lion Dance Singapore Scholarship requires the collaborated initiatives of a team of dancers that originate from martial arts teams. The dragon includes a head mask and also a prolonged body which is held up with poles as well as moved by the professional dancers. The prima ballerina holding the dragon’s head has an exceptionally essential job. They make the dragon spin, leap, crouch, and also dip, as sinuous as a serpent. The dragon mask itself, generally colored red, green, or gold, is beautiful and very intricate in design. In some cases the head has animation and also pyrotechnics that belch smoke. The variety of body areas could differ, in some cases using as lots of as 25 sections split by hoops of bamboo.

The dragon is difficult to control and also requires well-trained dancers in top physical condition. The creature moves in precise patterns to the songs supplied by drums, cymbals, as well as a gong. Sightseers toss firecrackers at the dance dragon’s feet to scare away any fiends and also to guarantee the beast is totally awake from its hibernation. The shade eco-friendly on the dragon means a remarkable harvest, yellow is for the austere realm, success is stood for by gold or silver, red is exhilaration, and the dragon’s ranges and tail are a sparkling silver signifying happiness. Sometimes, at larger celebrations, a spectator may see a Double Lion dance where 2 groups of dancers link their dragons in detailed patterns. A really unusual performance involves 9 dragons Kalong since 9 is a perfect number. Nevertheless, such performances necessitate the coordinated initiatives of numerous dance troupes. Ideally, visitors to Chinatown will certainly have the opportunity to observe the impressive, astonishing Lion dance.