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Music of any genre and style will find listener. Modern technological progress called forth search of new methods of visual and audio transmission and updated means of self expression. Now it is turn of music videos. Progress gives us an opportunity to watch videos online, making access to fresh music videos really convenient. Nowadays, the creation of music videos makes a step away from the exceptionally aesthetic field towards the industrial medium. The audience can select between movies online for their liking. There are more than ten thousands of musical artists create over 50 thousands of movies. In the past several years, special attention was drawn to video jobs of a young singer lady gaga. Her new music video for the lyrical song you and I caused a stir among the audience and critics.

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Here, lady gaga plays various roles from a mermaid to an Italian man. Music lovers are awaiting a video for the tune set it on me by Kelly Rowland whose popularity is growing daily. Lately, several shots from this movie were shown to the general public. Here we see Kelly dance with a group of nude dancers. We remind you that lay it on me is the third single from the most recent singer’s album here I am which made its debut in the next place in the American chart. Rock fans should also rejoice since the mythical band evanescence published a new long awaited music video. The movie was directed by avis who worked with bob Dylan, Bruce springs teen, aril laving, Jennifer lopes and many others.

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