Variety of glasses in glass showers

When considering on possessing a glass shower installed in the wash area, it is quite important that the consumer be aware of the numerous varieties of glass there are to pick from and to get a great idea of some of the many design possibilities that all the glass types have. A lack of knowledge in this specific subject may cause a wrong decision in design and quite possibly much sorrow. This topic will need it is own magazine or book to satisfactorily explain, as of which it is not possible to do so within this venue. Therefore, I simply mean to scratch the surface on the three family kinds of glass which are being used the most in glass showers.

First and foremost is tempered glass. Clear tempered glass is the most widely used form of glass with glass showers. Nevertheless it can practically come in almost any color imaginable. The four thicknesses of tempered glass most commonly used are 1/4″ – 5/16″ – 3/8″ and 1/2″. Clear or lightly colored glass panels may be frosted for solitude, or Etched as well as Airbrushed with any custom design. Some people like to possess designs textured to the glass by firing it at the Kiln. Most textured glass usually comes in 5/16″ thick. Secondly is cast glass. Of all of the kinds of shower glass types, Cast glass is undoubtedly the most expensive with a really almost endless number of design choices to select from. Cast glass is undoubtedly the most custom of glass to the wash space. Thirdly it is laminated glass. A Framed shower unit is definitely needed in regards to laminated glass so as to stop mold from building up in between the Laminate. This glass can be clear or it can come in almost any color.  Web link

frameless glass shower

And it can have made plastic or paper sheets laminated between the glass panels to provide it a desirable effect. Laminated glass may also be frosted, etched and or airbrushed. Although I have just barely scratched the surface on the 3 chief kinds of glass at the wash space, it is my expectation that I have fulfilled my objective of providing you an idea of some of the numerous chances with glass showers. Now it is up to you to pick on which option is ideal for you.