Concealer application tricks – Useful tips to apply

For those who read our concealer manual we believed some application tips could be handy.

Basic application

Apply your concealer after foundation, but before any powder. Powder will help set your makeup when you have achieved the coverage you are aiming for and applying concealer before base will make things difficult when attempting to blend your foundation, so stick with the formula.

Blueness, dark circles, broken capillaries and redness

For dark or blueness circles under the eyes try a concealer – a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Test for color match on the inside of your wrist. Avoid Concealers, especially for redness, because it may be emphasized by them. For circles or blueness, try a brush applicator and use a fluid product that would not drag the skin. Does concealer go on before or after foundation? Ingredients can be helpful in this area. In the event of eye bags, apply concealer to the shadow beneath, instead of the problem area itself as this is only going to accentuate it. For capillaries, other blemishes or stains try a concealer with a sponge applicator – and again, mix together with your fingertips setting to complete. If you are aiming for protection and your skin is oily, try a stick concealer following the same procedure.

cosmetic under eye surgery


Avoid applying concealer directly to wrinkled areas but if this is inevitable make certain to use a good moisturizer before program when dealing with ‘crow feet’ always choose a moisturizer that is intended for use on the eyes. Dab in your moisturizer and, when the skin has absorbed it, use the smallest amount of a fluid concealer. Never use rod on Concealers around the eye area. If your concealer starts to flake or sit as the day continues, try dabbing a very small quantity of the moisturizer and blend back in.

Scars and birthmarks

Birthmarks and scars demand a heavy concealer. Try out a product – possibly a concealer or one designed for the purpose of covering birthmarks and scars. You might need to pay more but it is the best method to tackle areas that need coverage that is heavy. Check that is water.