What you must know about golf clubs?

gulf shores golfThere are numerous levels and kinds of golf clubs, from custom pro-line and pre-assembled. Some are custom fit and a few are off the rack as is. Let’s start with Pro-line golf clubs or better known as brand name golf gear just like you see on TV or in golf magazines that are popular. These are the clubs playing with professionals, who get paid to play with these clubs find a good deal of advertisements for and endorse you that. Clubs are costly because of these two factors mentioned. The price for a titanium driver that is pro-line is about 300 dollar. Now, this does not mean it is superior, it just means a higher cost must be fulfilled to cover all of the advertising costs etc. There are numerous suppliers of these kinds of clubs and I will break them down into two classes and explain each in more detail. Believe me, I have noticed a lot and have learned much more along the way.

Custom Clubs

Generally these are clubs which are made up from individual components as is any golf club however, the element quality, specifications and finish consists of top-notch grade and quality as are many pro-line clubs as previously discussed. These are constructed by a professional who understands what he’s doing, and has clubs for several years. Some kind of custom fitting is extended to present a club which will work to the end user! This goes along with the notion that the custom club builder has expertise and assists golfers play better gulf shores golf. The price for a customized titanium driver is about $150. The team heads are a design by a component manufacturer that is respectable and shafts and grips with a new name main-stream supplier.

Clone or Knock-off Matches

This is where the golf club market gets a bit dicey. There are club head providers in this category that are currently supplying more club makers. Because of the Golf Frenzy if you will, the golf market is packed with a great deal of junk! Anyone can begin with a pipe cutter in their garage and a couple of components in the golf industry, and that are just what they are doing. The quality of the parts, are from marginal to awful. The attention to detail in the assembly procedure is worse than the elements. The golf industry is also demeaned by Deficiency of knowledge in the fitting. The price for a clone / titanium driver that is knock-off is about 75 dollar. Be certain the club head is not metal which cost a whole lot less, titanium. Finally the type of golf clubs, the pre-assembled or box sets, you understand the collections that come all ready to go in that rectangle box that is massive.